Now Buying Fall / Winter!

How to Sell To Us

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7/9/21 UPDATE - Our Processing time is running 3-4 days. We are currently ONLY purchasing FALL Dresses, Long sleeve Tops, Sneakers, Boots and Booties, Pants, Jeans, Outerwear, Active Wear and Handbags. 

We do not purchase discount brands or items that will have a resale value below $12. We also do not purchase juniors sizes. 

 Items for consideration must be FRESHLY LAUNDERED and dropped off in a MAXIMUM of 2 bag/box/bins. We will transfer your items into our bins so please do not bring them in on hangers.  Please do not wrap items individually and/or bring in clothing that is inside out. Items that are difficult to evaluate will not be considered for purchase. 


Fall items are clothing and accessories that you would wear in 60 degree weather or colder. 

How it Works
 1.  Clean out your closet
 2.  Bring us the best of the items you no longer wear
 3.  Wait for an email message with your offer

  • Accept the offer and grab cash or check immediately
  • Decline the offer and pick up your items immediately


​Your cash offer will typically be 20-35% of what we will list the item for. A Store credit offer will typically be 40-55% of what we will list the item for. You can choose to accept the cash or credit offer and you will be paid immediately or you will be issued a credit which can be used immediately or saved for a future use. You can also choose to decline any offers and your items will be returned to you without delay. 

What We Buy
In Style, In Season & In Shape women’s clothing, shoes & handbags. We will occasionally purchase branded jewelry and accessories such as kendra scott jewelry or Michael Kors watches, etc. Please inquire in advance if you have jewelry. 
What We Don’t Buy

  • Items with visible defects
  • Real Fur
  • Wedding dresses or formal attire
  • Suits or business attire
  • Items that have not been freshly laundered
  • Items with residual odors of any kind or even a single pet hair in the bag.
  • Items purchased more than 3 years ago
  • Items marked "Petite" 
  • Juniors brands or sizes


Can you get specific pricing on certain items or take back certain items if you are unhappy with your offer? The offer will be specific to the entire batch of items we would like to purchase and cannot be modified. For example: you may bring in 30 items for consideration and we may make you an offer on all 30 or only a few of the items (in which case you would get back anything we are unable to purchase). In either event, you cannot make adjustments to the offer or our selection without another drop off and we do not provide specific pricing details on individual items unless items are bought in for consideration one at a time. 

Are there items we don't consider? We DO NOT ACCEPT real fur, suits or business attire of any kind, Bridal gowns, formal wear, children's or juniors, lingerie, robes or undergarments or misc. accessories like hats, scarves and belts. We do not accept discount chain brands (Walmart, Costco, Dots, etc.) and we cannot accept any items with brand or size labels removed. We also do not purchase petite sizes or sizes larger than 3X as our market interest in these sizes has been too low. 

The styles and brands that our customers favor do tend to change and we are constantly striving to adapt to our customer's preferences. 

Do you need to schedule an appointment? Yes and that appointment must be made online through the scheduling portal above.

How should you bring your items in? Freshly laundered in a covered box, bin or bag all labelled with your name and contact phone. It should go without saying, but items with pet hair, residual odors such as smoke, food or perfume, or that are excessively wrinkled will not even be considered and if the condition of your items is unsanitary or may present an allergy risk or nuisance odor (excessive pet hair or residual smoke odors) to our staff you may be prohibited from dropping off items in the future.  

What are the shop's expectations regarding the condition of clothing, shoes & handbags? Nearly perfect. 
Items should be spotless (not a single stain, tear, or mark visible) and not faded or showing signs of excessive wash or wear. Both the brand and size labels should still be attached. Shoes should look nearly new. 

Do we accept all seasons? No. We can only make an offer to purchase items in the season/s we are currently buying. 

What season are we accepting currently? 

Spring/Summer from Dec. 31st through March 30th (Light-weight dresses, tops, bottoms, sandals, sneakers, handbags)

Summer April 1st through June 30th. (Sundresses, handbags, sandals, shorts, skirts and tops - you would bring on a tropical island vacation)

Fall from July 1st through September 15th. (long sleeve & pants, boots, vests, light-weight sweaters and jackets, etc.)

Winter from Sept. 16th through December 10th (long sleeve & pants, boots, vests, heavy sweaters, heavy coats, etc.)

Always feel free to call ahead for confirmation about what styles and fabrics would be best to bring in and when.